The Care and Feeding of an AlcheMysticAmulet

The conjuring of most AlcheMysticAmulets involves copper electroforming which is the process of transferring molecules of copper from one object to another resulting in beautifully textured, unique, one of a kind pieces. Each amulet is oxidized to give it an ancient magical look and feel. Your amulet will continue to oxidize or tarnish with time, as is the nature of most metals. I rather enjoy this evolution and hope you do too. It is highly recommended that you protect your jewelry from harsh chemicals. You will want to remove your jewelry prior to swimming, showering, using the hot tub, exercising, etc. Copper can leave green markings on the skin. This is your body chemistry mingling with the copper and is in no way harmful.

The crystals I work with are natural. Some will exhibit inclusions and other perceived “imperfections.” This is what makes them perfect in my eyes! Both strong and delicate, be careful to not drop your crystal jewelry. Some crystals should not be exposed to prolonged exposure to the sun as their color may fade.

If you have any questions about the electroforming process or anything else pertaining to the creation of AlcheMysticAmulets please feel free to contact me!