Amethyst Mountainscape

Amethyst Mountainscape

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This beautiful chunk of amethyst druzy has been electroformed creating a lovely copper setting. The antique finish of the copper may change over time adding to its character. This amulet is very 3 dimensional. The depth of the stone is about 1 full inch. The width of the copper halo is 1.5" wide and the actual amethyst is about 1.25” wide. From the top of the halo to the tip of the amethyst the amulet is 3.75" long with the amethyst itself is 2 5/8" long.

Accentuating the beauty of this piece is a fully handcrafted chain. Each link has been forged by hand into a double swirl. The length is approximately 19.5 inches.

***Amethyst promotes love of the Divine, opens intuition, and enhances psychic gifts. It resonates with the Third Eye and Crown chakras offering improved intuition, creativity and a stronger, clearer connection with the Divine.

***Copper is a natural conductor of energy, and is useful for directing energy. It is receptive and healing. It resonates with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, as well as the planet Venus. Its element is water.

***The circle is an ancient symbol of unity, wholeness, the goddess and sacred space.

Each AlcheMysticAmulet comes packaged in a labeled gift box.



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