Lunar Cityscape

Lunar Cityscape


Somewhere in the cosmos is a moon and on this moon resides a metropolis. It made itself known and manifested in this piece!

This multi point quartz crystal cluster has been set in resin. The copper finish was attained through the electro-forming process and oxidized to give it an ancient feel. The pendant is approximately 1.75" wide and 2" high.

The asymmetrical copper chain is made of pre-made chain combined with hand forged copper double spiral links.  The length is adjustable fromapproximately 21.75 to 23 inches.

***Clear Quartz is a master stone that works on all levels of BE-ing. It amplifies energy and will attune itself to the appropriate vibrational level for your specific energetic needs.

***The circle is an ancient symbol of unity, wholeness, the goddess and sacred space.

***Copper is a natural conductor of energy, and is useful for directing energy. It is receptive and healing. It resonates with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, as well as the planet Venus. Its element is water.

Each AlcheMysticAmulet comes packaged in a labeled gift box.


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