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Purple Agate Portal with Druzy


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Purple Agate Portal with Druzy
Purple Agate Portal with Druzy

Aethereal Armour For The Soul



This beautiful Agate portal holds such wonderful energy! I love the sparkly druzy!

Agate is a very multifunctional crystal. It is calming and healing. It soothes tension and anger allowing for a sense of safety. Agate enhances our concentration, perception, and mental function. It also sharpens our analytical abilities. On top of all of that Agate eliminates and transforms negative energy as it stabilizes and cleanses our energetic field.

How lovely is that?

This beauty has been dyed purple. Dying the crystal does not adversely affect its energy. If anything, the energy associated with the color adds to it.

Purple is seen as the color of spirituality and all things Divine. It is also associated with mystery and royalty. Purple invokes wisdom, compassion, and creativity.

This Agate beauty is suspended from an oxidized pure copper chain (approximately 27”).

Are you her new Keeper?

Your AlcheMysticAmulet will arrive energetically cleared and charged with Reiki healing energy! You will also receive a piece of Selenite along with another crystal or two!

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