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Aethereal Armour For The Soul


Alchemy intrigues me.
All things mystical call to me.
I am a student and my peers are my teachers.
I am a teacher and my peers are my students.
I am everything and nothing at all.
In that nothingness is where The Magic of Transformation begins.


AlcheMysticAmulets was born from my love of crystals and energy work.  My early work consisted of Reiki enhanced bracelets and necklaces made from healing stones. When I met my husband, Brian Poor (, he encouraged me to work with metal and gifted me with his old anvil. I discovered wire wrapping and began making my own chains for my AlcheMysticAmulets. 

This current incarnation of AlcheMysticAmulets came to life in 2015 when Brian taught me copper electroforming.  This process opened up new dimensions allowing me to work with the crystals and healing stones in more expansive ways. Sometimes stories about the Amulets come to me. You will see this reflected in the descriptions. I often say that I do not design; I facilitate. The crystals and metals often have ideas of their own. I follow; they lead. Thank you for joining me on this magical exploration!

If you have any questions I can be reached via email at