Crystal Clear Basics Class


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Crystal Clear Basics Class
Crystal Clear Basics
The Art of Selecting, Using, and Caring For Your Crystals
Do you love crystals but don’t quite know where to start?
Do you have some crystals lying around your house that you’d like to use more intentionally?
Not sure how to care for your crystals?
This class will cover all of that and more.
You will discover which crystals help with ABUNDANCE, LOVE, PROTECTION, and STRESS REDUCTION as well as the six crystals that everyone should own and why.
You will also learn the following:
   How to select crystals
   How to care for your crystals
   How to connect with your crystals - including a guided meditation to connect with Amethyst!
We will meet via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link prior to the class.
The cost of this class is $36. It will run for 2-2.5 hours.