Spirit Quartz and Lemurian Quartz


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Spirit Quartz and Lemurian Quartz
Aethereal Armour For The Soul

This Spirit Quartz and Lemurian Quartz is such a powerful combo! 

Lemuria is said to have been a spiritually advanced ancient civilization. As their time on Earth was coming to an end, the Lemurians programmed these Clear Quartz crystals to share their messages of oneness and healing. The Lemurians then “seeded” the Lemurian Crystals, encoded with their ancient knowledge and wisdom, to be found centuries later.

The length of this AlcheMysticAmulet is a little more than 4 inches from the tip of the spirit quartz to the bottom of the Lemurian Quartz. It is suspended from a copper chain that is approximately 22.5” in length.

***Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz or Fairy Quartz aligns with all of the chakras allowing for spiritual guidance and healing on all levels. Bringing focus to core issues it assists on the spiritual, physical, emotional and subtle levels. It also offers protection and can be used to transmute any energies that do not serve your highest good.

***Clear Quartz is a Master Crystal and Universal Healer. Offering illumination and clarity on all levels this versatile crystal can be used for any endeavor. An excellent energy amplifier, it attunes itself to the exact vibration of your specific energetic needs.

Are you her new Keeper?

Your AlcheMysticAmulet will arrive energetically cleared, and charged with Reiki healing energy. You will also receive a piece of Selenite along with another crystal or two!

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