Divine Light


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Divine Light
Divine Light

Some say selenite is “liquid light” while others say it is “frozen light.” Either way it does have a way of lightening up a moment! This amulet pairs it with 3 amethyst cabochons dressed in molten copper.

The length of this AlcheMysticAmulet is about 5.5 inches from the bottom of the selenite to the top of the copper halo. The width of the copper halo is about 1.75 inches wide. It is suspended from a copper chain that is approximately 20 inches in length with a hand forged copper hook closure.

***Amethyst promotes love of the Divine, opens intuition, and enhances psychic gifts. The healing and protective energy of Amethyst transforms lower vibrations to higher frequencies. It also connects the physical plane with higher realms providing a peaceful energy for meditation.

***Selenite is soothing, calming, and deeply tranquil. It does not need charging or cleansing and can be used to clear your other crystals. One of the most powerful crystals for energy clearing, selenite carries a very pure high vibrational energy that helps us connect with our guides. It dispels negative energy and can be used to evoke protection from the angelic realm.

***Copper is a natural conductor of energy, and is useful for directing energy. It is receptive and healing. It resonates with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, as well as the planet Venus. Its element is water.

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