Rubellite Ankh


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Rubellite Ankh
Rubellite Ankh
Rubellite Ankh
Rubellite Ankh
Aethereal Armour For The Soul

Rubellite and the sacred Ankh unite to encourage higher levels of love and inspiration! This beautiful copper ankh carries a soothing energy that will help you feel loved and supported. An ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol, the Ankh represents eternal life. It also opens us to hidden wisdom.

Measuring approximately 3” long and 1 ¼” wide, this AlcheMysticAmulet is suspended from a copper chain measuring approximately 19". It features gunmetal jump rings and a lobster clasp.

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***Rubellite, AKA Pink Tourmaline, is a stone of love and inspiration. It opens the heart inviting in a higher vibration of Universal Love. It offers emotional healing and hels us break free of relationships that are not for our highest good.

  • Chakras: Root*Heart
  • Zodiac: Scorpio*Sagittarius
  • Element: Earth*Water

***Copper is a natural conductor of energy, and is useful for directing energy. It is receptive and healing. It resonates with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, as well as the planet Venus. Its element is water.

Your AlcheMysticAmulet will arrive in a labeled gift box, energetically cleared, and charged with Reiki healing energy!


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